Blockshipping and INVICTA Pte Ltd have signed a partnership agreement offering AI-solutions to improve efficiency of container terminals, starting with the reduction of container shuffle moves.


Terminals are facing unprecedented challenges due to the current fluctuations in logistics, and as a result more containers than ever are randomly stacked leading to high inefficiency and expensive housekeeping moves.

“With data from leading terminals in Europe and the US we have proven that our AI model can predict dwell time of import containers with remarkably high accuracy, and we are now expanding our commercial footprint in Asia in partnership with INVICTA”, says Blockshipping founder and CEO Peter Ludvigsen.

For more than 10 years INVICTA has been a trusted partner to the container logistics and transportation industry offering pragmatic advice and digital solutions to help terminals and carriers maximise operational efficiency.

“Reducing shuffle moves by +30% also provides the opportunity to raise stacking height leading to improved utilisation of equipment and yard space. Terminals and their customers also benefit from faster truck turn-time and overall improvement in efficiency” says INVICTA founder and CEO, Ian Sehgal.

The two companies are building on the strength of their combined networks and expertise to introduce AI-IDP to terminals looking to take advantage of new technology and accelerate their yard operation. The solution is non-intrusive to existing Terminal Operating Systems and can be implemented with minimal disruption to work.

About Blockshipping

Blockshipping is an international technology start-up, founded in the ocean transport industry and lead by industry executives. By applying AI and Machine Learning, the company improves the efficiency for marine container terminals and the shipping industry starting with the AI-IDP solution predicting Import Dwell time for full import containers.

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INVICTA Pte Ltd specializes in identifying and solving the most endemic problems that plague logistics and supply chain operations. We combine deep industry expertise with digital technologies, including: AI/Machine Learning, Data, Workflow and Robotic Process Automation, and Analytics – that deliver tangible results and significant savings.

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