Artificial Intelligence from Blockshipping brings real, and lasting, solutions to current supply chain challenges.


Resolving the current supply chain challenges requires innovative use of technology and intelligent data-driven solutions – ‘just’ adding hardware and infrastructure alone will not cut it.


At Blockshipping, we apply advanced AI-technology to real-life operational problems, eliminating bottlenecks, driving throughput, and increasing efficiency.

The first of our AI-products has already proven its worth. Applying AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to predict import dwell time, Blockshipping pinpoints with high accuracy when each import container will be collected.

This allows ocean container terminals to stack containers more intelligently, thereby saving more than 30% of shuffle moves, providing +20% faster truck turnaround-time, and increasing overall yard capacity. This ensures better utilization of expensive port assets and leads to massive cost savings and CO2 reductions. “Since 2019 we have refined our solution, that already in our initial simulation based on operational data, resulted in +4 Million US$ savings at a 1.3M TEU terminal” says CEO Mogens G. Hansen, a former veteran of Maersk Line.

The AI-products are cloud based, non-intrusive and TOS agnostic, and builds on data already available in the TOS systems at any terminal.

There is a wide range of similar cases, where Blockshipping’s sophisticated AI models can be applied to specific pain-points in the operational processes, including last mile.

As an example, we are now implementing an AI-product to optimize transhipment and export re-nominations. This is a major issue for many transhipment hub terminals, cargo being rolled from vessel to vessel, leading to costly housekeeping moves and slower yard- and quay-side operation.

Other examples of Blockshipping AI-products include predictions of:

-​Next modality

-​Customs inspection, CFS station

-​Auto-generated truck appointments

-​Reefer yard stacking optimization

-​Crane and vessel slot cycle

-​Discharge time estimating

-​RTG load balancing

-​Yard capacity requirements and bottlenecks

All the AI-products will be fully cloud based, and compliant with the highest standards for cyber security. They are also available for implementation in the customers’ own cloud.

As we are looking forward to 2022, we predict that AI/ML will be a main contributor to overcome the global supply chain challenges. COVID-19 has accelerated trends and exposed the inefficiency of an industry that has been applying machines at the challenges. Technology is the new vehicle to accelerate efficiency, and with the massive amount of information available and the maturity of AI/ML we at Blockshipping will leverage our industry expertise and technology to help container terminals and the shipping industry reduce their CO2 emissions and save costs.” says Peter Ludvigsen, Chairman and Founder.

About Blockshipping

Blockshipping is an international technology start-up, founded in the ocean transport industry and lead by industry executives. By applying AI and Machine Learning, the company improves the efficiency for marine container terminals and the shipping industry starting with the AI-IDP solution predicting Import Dwell time for full import containers.

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