COSCO Shipping Ports Spain chooses Blockshipping AI solutions to improve efficiency at its terminals

CSP Spain leverages AI technology to improve the efficiency and operability of movements in the yard of their terminals

Leading container terminals looking to improve their efficiency are choosing targeted AI solutions from industry executives.

The need for improvement in container terminal operations has been evident in recent years as congestion continues to impact global transportation. With growing container stacking heights, the urgency to quickly find better ways to utilize the available capacity is increasing.

Throughout the first 2 months of 2022, CSP Spain’s volume grew by 8.1% and, as an innovative leader in terminal management with a capacity of 3,5M TEU, they chose Blockshipping to help optimize their import operation.

 “Forward-looking terminal operators like CSP Spain are priority customers to us”, says Mogens G. Hansen, CEO of Blockshipping, who is leading the digital start-up formed by transport and logistics executives. He adds “Advanced terminals have started to look at the efficiency gains that can be achieved with AI. Having been entrusted by one of the largest operators in the world is a sign of confidence in our solutions. Our Cloud-based AI-IDP solution has proved capable of predicting the expected container gate-out time with more than 50% accuracy, leading to significant cost savings in unproductive moves, and, because our predictions are provided prior to discharge, they enable CSP Spain consistent improvement in their yard planning.”

Mr. Ignacio Huet Grondona, CIO, CSP Spain, explains “As the main gate of access of containerized cargo to the Iberian Peninsula, we are the natural port of Spain’s capital city and are constantly looking to improve our services to our customers. The targeted AI approach developed by Blockshipping and their proven results, combined with our strong innovation vocation, convinced us that this is the best alternative for us. In addition to improved yard efficiency and being able to handle more containers within our existing capacity, we expect the solution will help us make a significant reduction in our CO2 emissions.”

About Blockshipping

Blockshipping is an international technology start-up, founded in the ocean transport industry and led by industry executives. Using rapid implementation and applying targeted AI and Machine Learning, the company improves the efficiency of marine container terminals and the shipping industry, amongst others, with its AI-IDP solution which predicts Import Dwell time for full import containers.

About CSP Spain

CSP Spain is a leading port operator in Spain with two maritime terminals located in Valencia (CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal, CSPV) and Bilbao (CSP Iberian Bilbao Terminal, CSPB), as well as two intermodal terminals, one in Zaragoza (CSP Iberian Rail Zaragoza Terminal, CSPZ) and the other in Madrid (Conte-Rail). In addition, the Group includes a railway operator, CSP Iberian Rail Services S.L.U (CSPR), created with the purpose of improving connections between its four terminals and providing an integral service throughout the logistic chain. Recently, this mission has been reinforced with the recent acquisition of 51% of the shareholding of the rail traction company Logitren.

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